First Bookstore to Accept Cryptocurrency


The Key Bookstore accepts: BTC, ETH, GUAP, SOLANA, CARDANO, MATIC

In 2018, we set out to create a bookstore experience to bridge the antiquated book community to emerging connective technology. These technologies included social media, interactive web 2 website templates, audiobooks and ebooks, and now web3.


Blockchain technology has built in tools to better create an exclusive club like experience. NFTs are the epidemy of that culture. Examples like the Bored Ape Community is a model for creating entertaining experiences for participants that buy in.


In summer of 2020 we decided to pioneer the merchant role in the GUAP Coin Community. We were heavily rewarded in tokens from the beloved community and have been able to reinvest the asset for the blockchain.


This December 2021, be the first to indulge in the first NFT drop of the Key Bookstore Experience. We will have varying levels of NFTs for an affordable experience for everyone to participate in the most exclusive book club on the planet, with an inclusive vibe. The Key wants to recruit members to the experience.


NFT Membership benefits will include (and open to suggestions in the comments)

-Exclusive Events

-Premium Apparel Access

-Lifetime book Subscriptions

-Autographed book options

-and more


MUST HAVE OUR NFTs for the MOST Exclusive experiences. SHARE this article with a friend and follow us on socials @keybookstore

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