Key Books are Better

It’s Labor Day weekend 2022. Since 2018 Key Bookstore has been laboring in love to provide the greatest experience in connection to books WHY?

People scour the internet for:

“The Best Bookstore”

“The Cheapest Books”

“Cheap places to buy Books”

For Beyonce’s annual birthday celebration let’s do sale in honor of her labors. An iteration of what Jay-Z said “My Books are Better”

For a LIMITED Time use the coupon: KEYBOOKSAREP

The experience is to:

-Create more Book Lovers

-Connect Bookworms around the world

Key may not always be the lowest price, or the largest selection, or the fastest delivery, but the Community and the Innovation is there.

KEY BOOKSTORE IS RAISING $350,000. The first goal is $10,000. Let’s make it happen this virgo season.

Happy Birthday Beyonce!

Disclaimer: The sale is real, the phrase “My Books are Better” is an iteration of a lyric and not an actual comparison of product quality to competitors.


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