• Surviving The Higher Timeline

    The basic essential knowledge needed to survive without depending on electricity, and public stores for resources. This book includes ways to grow and harvest your own food, several ways to purify water, five different ways to make dairy-free milk, how to make bread, various ways to start a fire, build shelters, weaponry, and first aid. Lastly, it consists of over two hundred herbs and what they are used for, and how to use them.

  • Surviving The Higher Timeline

    Surviving the Higher Timeline is the basic essential knowledge needed to survive without depending on electricity, and public stores for resources. We have become so dependent on things that may not be available in the later years to come. So, it is important to know how to be self-sufficient, and know how to survive with very limited help from other sources.

    Chapter one is about food, and how important it is to know how to grow different types of food. This includes directions on how to grow various types of vegetables and fruits. It includes the grow time, companion plants, best time to harvest, and other facts pertaining to the plant. The food chapter of the book provides instructions on how to start a plant as a seed or seedling until its fully grown ready to harvest. It also includes directions on how to make bread and yeast from scratch. Lastly, this chapter has five different ways to make dairy free milk such as almond milk, oat milk, banana milk, cashew milk, and hemp milk.

    Chapter Two is about water, and how important it is to know how to filter and purify it. In the higher timeline knowing how to make unclean water drinkable is an important skill to know. Water is used throughout the human body in its cell’s organs and tissues so that it can help regulate its temperature to maintain bodily functions.

    Chapter Three is about fire, and how important it is to know different ways onto how to start a fire with limited resources. In a survival emergency a fire is needed to cook, boil, sterilize water, and supply warmth.

    Chapter Four is about first aid, and how important it is to know the basic knowledge to help or prevent injuries. This chapter highlights steps that can be used on yourself, or onto someone else that could potentially save a life. It includes how to stop bleeding, how to make a tourniquet, splint, perform CPR, treat burns, and cuts etc.

    Chapter Five is about shelter, and how important It is to know how to build your own with very limited supplies. It includes directions and materials needed to make shelters such as a round lodge, a leaf hut, a ramada, a wikiup, tarp shelter and tarp wing etc.

    Chapter Six is about weaponry and tools, and how important it is to know to make your own tools needed to hunt for food and as protection. It includes instructions on how to make a primitive bow and arrow, spear, grain grinder, bola, boomerangs, lasso, stone hammer, bone and arrows, fishing poles and knives etc.

    Chapter Seven is about natural remedies and beyond. It is important for you to be able to use natural resources to survive. This chapter includes over 200 herbs, and what they are primarily used for. It includes instructions on how to use the herb in smoothies, teas, capsules etc. There are also different categories of what herbs are good for different issues such as dry skin, sore throat, constipation, burns, colic, hair growth, hemorrhoids, insomnia, nausea and vomiting etc. The beyond portion of this chapter includes what each astrological sign mean. It is important for you to know yourself to walk confidently into your gifts and talents. It goes into detail about the meaning of the Sun, Moon, Rising, Mars, Venus and Mercury signs etc.

  • The Breakdown How To Grow And Maintain Healthy Hair At Home

    🌟With your purchase of this book, you are contributing to the building of CT’s first Natural Hair Salon and School, thank you for your support!🔑
    The Breakdown is exactly what it entails to be, a simplified breakdown of all you need to know to cultivate Healthy Hair At Home! In this ebook, some of what you will learn is:
    • The proper mindset you need for healthy hair
    • Proper Scalp Care
    • Ingredients to avoid when you purchase Haircare products that can be detrimental to not only your hair but your health.
    • Great Ingredients to look for
    • How to have your greatest wash day
    • Internal nourishing for hair growth
    & SO MUCH MORE 🎉🙏🏾👑

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