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Greetings and Happy New Year! As we turn to our  now 5th year in business, we need increased support to continue to improve The Key Bookstore Experience. Please consider supporting our campaign.

Key Bookstore Fundraising Campaign

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Campaign Story

Ready for improved delivery times and more features? Consider contributing to our 2nd Crowdfunding Campaign now hosted on our own platform because of you! See here for our previous campaign on Kickstarter which allowed us to create a beautiful website done by Black Creators. With this campaign our goal is to increase staffing, vastly improve logistics, and increase feature offerings to our members! 2020 we grew so much from the previous platform we created with the crowdfunds and in order to meet and continue to sustainably maintain operations, this fundraise is necessary.

As you can see we are proud to be able to offer this campaign on our own terms on our own platform as to ensure every cent is directed to the cause.

Back History:

Let’s talk logistics specifically. In 2020, we experienced such poor accountability from major distributors of our product to our customers, that we made the executive decision to take over that system from that moment. This allows us to directly interact with our customers about their status and how to meet their need. Although the process is longer, we can be contacted for updates. Previously the distributor would have delays and poorly communicate with us which in turn we could not properly communicate statuses with customers. We are scaling up to a small scall distribution to start. This is major for the industry that we are in but necessary.

Example we had Am*zon customers receiving books intended for our customers with no accountability from distribution and refuse to go back to that again. We feel as we are determined to perform better, some sources are not interested in supporting that success.


Please understand current delays can be contributed from: COVID related issues, mail scheduling issues, snow days, Back Orders and delays in receiving product to our Hartford HQ. Emphasizing we want you all to receive your product! We are human too and trying to keep people safe and provide the best level of customer service we can.

We mapped out reaching certain milestones in this crowdfund to immediately alleviate some of these issues.

Thank you to all those that support us through these growing pains.



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